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What is it?
Radial Clubhand occurs when there is an absence of the radius (the larger of the two bones in the forearm).  The forearm is typically shortened and the wrist is turned in towards the body forming a right angle.  There are varying degrees of this.  This occurs bilaterally 50% of the time and is slightly more common in females.  It can occur without any definable cause.
The goal of treatment is to improve the function of the hand and arm.  Your physician will make recommendations with this in mind. 
Correction of radial clubhand requires a combination of nonoperative and operative management that begins shortly after birth.  Your physician may recommend gentle stretching exercises that can be done with each diaper change. 
Your physician will typically recommend surgery to improve the forearm length and provide a foundation for the development of motor function within the hand.  This is usually done when your child is 1 year old.  
Your physician will recommend exercises to move the fingers immediately after surgery.  Hardware will be removed between 8 weeks and 10 months.  Nighttime splinting is then recommended until skeletal maturity is reached.